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Oakley sunglasses - frequently appeared in Hollywood movies

Oakley sunglasses, frequently appeared in Hollywood movies, the most famous is the "X-Men", x-metal penny ruby has therefore been numerous lovers collection, limited edition series is to be $ 1,200 a violent Scoop deputy, in addition, "the Matrix," "Spider-Man," "Blade Runner," "Mission Impossible" could be seen in the figure Oakley, and the Tour de France 90% of players are using Oakley sun glasses, champion Armstrong also used Oakley! F1 driver KIMI Raikkonen, Button, and the myth of Peter Pan Rossi Moto GP are brand loyal supporters Oakley, Oakley as well as a professional motorcycle riders dedicated Ducati (Duka Di) series, the red eye-catching signs and reflect the identity, sought after by the majority of fans. Poor quality sunglasses can seriously damage your eyesight, choose Oakley sunglasses, lifetime care of your eyes.

oakley prescription glasses brand co-founded by Jim Jannard and basketball star Michael Jordan. OAKLEY glasses after entering the Chinese domestic market, but also began its generic JS profit. Now, we come to understand some simple common sense to identify genuine and fake oakley glasses, to protect against fakes infringement.

 Oakley glasses to distinguish between true and false:

Oakley glasses authentic bags thick material, wove fine, uniform color, high-definition optical technology have Oakley HDO logo stitched on glasses bag. The fakes generally do not have this definition optical technology identified only in body bags have a simple printed logo.

 Look glasses box appearance
Authentic oakley sunglasses case material is smooth, uniform texture and delicate, fine workmanship. And Imitation glasses case relatively coarse texture and appear loose, especially work with a wide gap between the genuine, there will be flash or thread.

 Look inside the glasses case

oakley sunglasses sale case cover loss prevention sponge inside lining is a high temperature compression molding of one good elasticity, fine cotton soaked uniform, smooth edges. Imitation sponge lining here is not the overall loss prevention, and soak cotton loose, poor flexibility.

Glasses groove authentic glasses box neatly cut, moderate gap, after completely stuck in the glasses into which, even upside down glasses glasses case and comes with the original lens will not fall, the way to make sure the glasses carrying zero friction. And just a few pieces of simple imitation goods foam pad only.

 Look logo
Authentic temple and has a strong sense of transparent lenses, logo narrow mosaic perfect fit. Fake logo closer comparison oval inlaid also not perfect, there will be flash appears.

Look glasses nose pads
Authentic oakley glasses gum rubber nose pads soft and smooth, not rubbing the nose and cause discomfort, and glasses fit under the frame height. Imitation rubber nose pads at relatively hard, wear a long time will produce discomfort.

 Look screw
cheap oakley sunglasses fixing screws are six slots imitation plum buckle down anti-slip special screws loose. And Imitation four screws just plain screw groove.

Look temples
Spacing authentic oakley glasses wide between the two temples, about equal to the average width of the majority of the skull, wearing comfortable, no pressure. The pitch will have to imitate the temple much narrower, longer wear time there will be pressure.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

medical experts remind everyone that not everyone is suitable for sunglasses

A World Health Organization data show that more than 2 million cases worldwide are caused by long-term exposure of cataracts due to the sun. Summer, in order to avoid eye "sunburn", choose a suitable cheap oakley sunglasses is very necessary. However, medical experts remind everyone that not everyone is suitable for sun glasses, sun glasses, very knowledgeable choice.

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1, no UV protection sunglasses do not wear

Not all lenses are called colored sunglasses. Sunglasses should be anti-ultraviolet (UV) identity, anti-UV factor of 400 or more lens, it has a role in protecting the eyes. It is worth noting that the choice of the function does not block ultraviolet inferior sunglasses, sunglasses worse than not, more likely to cause damage to the eyes. Because this sunglasses can block some of the light, but fail to do so ultraviolet light. After the person wearing the pupil will expand, ultraviolet easier access to the eyes, eye injury.

2, glaucoma patients should not wear cheap sunglasses uk

Wearing sun glasses, into the visible eye reduction, the pupil will naturally turn. This change in the pupil of healthy people without problems, but for glaucoma patients, but it is a threat, are likely to cause acute glaucoma, there jealous, a sharp decline in eye pain, headaches, vision, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. Therefore, patients with glaucoma or suspected glaucoma, should not wear sunglasses.

Children under the age of 3, 6, not long wear sunglasses

Children under 6 years of visual function and development has not yet reached normal levels. If prolonged sun glasses, light entering the eye reduction, macular area can not be effectively stimulate light will affect its visual development. Serious, but also may lead to amblyopia. Therefore, children under 6 years of age should not be prolonged sun glasses.

4, edge width, rack thick, heavy weight do not wear sunglasses

Wear long edge width, frame thickness, heavy weight sunglasses, easily lead to "sunglasses syndrome." The syndrome is more fashionable young people. Typically, patients in the continuous wear these sunglasses 1-2 weeks, there will be such as nasal discomfort (as suffering from a cold), feeling "facial insects crawling" gingival numbness, discomfort on the front teeth, eyes acid swelling and other symptoms. This is mainly due to the thick frame, broad-brimmed, heavy weight sunglasses facial trigeminal nerve compression due.

5, no need to wear when determined not to wear

Some people, regardless of time and place, whether outdoors or indoors, sunny or cloudy, even at dusk, watching TV, watching movies, also wearing sunglasses. In fact, this seems to be "cool" approach, would increase the burden on the eyes, easy to cause muscle tension, blurred vision, dizziness and other symptoms of fatigue.  More About Sunglasses From

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Oakley sunglasses are instantly recognisable on account

Obviously, it's not just athletes who appreciate Oakley sunglasses. Any person who knows their sunglasses understands what Oakley has brought to the table when it comes to style and style. The Oakley brand can be a trend setter in the sunglasses sector and owning a pair of Oakley's signifies finding our hands around the newest sunglass technology.Oakley sunglasses are instantly recognisable on account of the distinctive letter ‘O' emblazoned on the arms of several Oakley models. This signature trademark symbol on the Oakley Company distinguishes it in the other designer sunglasses brands accessible right now
Other features that set Oakley aside from the crowd are their Unobtanium ear grips to prevent slipping and High Definition Optics (HDO) which provides clarity whilst also safeguarding the eye. This cutting-edge technology provides around 99% optimised polarization and Oakley lenses are created from Plutonite which delivers the optimum protection from both dangerous UV rays and vibrant glare.
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Oakley sunglasses give crystal clear vision

Although there are lots of major designer sunglasses brands, Oakley have proved themselves time and time again by continually pushing the boundaries when it comes to style and innovation. Constant investigation in optical technology has allowed the brand to develop each lenses and frames that offer unrivalled levels of eye protection. Oakley sunglasses give crystal clear vision and zero distortion and also becoming superbly shaped. The design of Oakley frames enable to make sure that these sunglasses are exceptionally comfortable, and nicely fitting. It's no wonder that they are usually the brand of decision for professional sportspeople.

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sunglasses 13 color  
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